Practice Philosophy

You want to feel comfortable with decisions about your pet’s care and treatment. You need to know that more than anything else, your veterinary team cares about your pet and that they care about you. We do.


It shouldn’t be one size fits all

At RVC you will always be offered all the diagnostic and therapeutic options available. However, we believe veterinary medicine shouldn’t be a one size fits all practice. We understand that every situation is different, every pet is different and every person’s relationship with their pet is different. We know that the definition of affordable is not the same for everyone. When you are doing your best to care for your much loved pet, you shouldn’t feel judged for your decisions about their care.


Advances in Veterinary Medicine

There have been so many great advances in veterinary medicine that allow us to treat and extend the life of pets. Unfortunately, many of these treatments come at a cost, both financially and in terms of stress on your pet. The reality is that the decision about how to proceed with treatment is affected by more much more than simply what is available.


The Latest Isn’t Always the Greatest

It’s no secret – pet health is big business. New products and equipment are marketed to veterinary professionals on a regular basis. While many of these items add real value, and can elevate your pet’s level of care, some of them merely add layers of unnecessary complexity and cost to your pet’s care. At RVC, we feel it is our responsibility to act as advocates for our clients in choosing relevant and appropriate techniques and technologies to use at our hospital. The latest procedures and products are researched and evaluated by our doctors, before being included in our repertoire of treatments.


The Bottom Line

No one knows your pet better than you do. You know your personal financial considerations and philosophies about health care better than anyone. When making decisions about your pet’s veterinary care, it is important that you and the veterinary medical team have a clear, mutual understanding of expectations, resources and values. Part of our commitment to you is to help you navigate these decisions with as much information and compassion as possible.