Support Staff

There are two common elements that you will find in every Renforth employee, a deep and unmitigated love for pets, and the ability to laugh. We have always referred to ourselves as a family. Through thick and thin, through crises and celebrated joys, we care. We care about each other, and we care about you and your furred family too.

Sue Jules - Office Manager
Sonia Bucciarelli - Veterinary Technician
Heather Monoghan - Veterinary Technician
Julie Rumberg - Veterinary Technician
Heather McDowell - Veterinary Technician
Danya Terp Veterinary Technician and office manager

Sue Jules - Clinic Manager

Manager just isn’t a big enough word to sum up our Sue. Sue is as much a part of the Renforth Veterinary Clinic as it is of her. A member of RVC founder Dr. Lixfeld’s primary team, her heart is fully invested in the practice – in us, the staff, in you, the clients and in our beloved patients. She manages us, she inspires us and gently shakes us awake if we need it. She helps to make sure that if any of us inadvertently stray from RVC’s long standing core values that we get right back on track. Over the past few years management duties have kept her away from the front office more than she would like, but these days she has more opportunity to spend time there. Although it seems there isn’t a single aspect of the practice that she doesn’t have her eye on at any time, she loves to spend time in the front office – connecting with and welcoming our new clients and patients, and reconnecting with clients (and patients) of years past. We have always said that Sue is the glue that holds us together and we really don’t know what we would do without her.

She comforts us on our worst days, holds our hands through any chaos that might come our way and she’ll be there to hold yours if you ever need it.

Sonia Bucciarelli

Another solid fixture of RVC that we would feel incomplete without is Sonia. Sonia has the enviable history of international experience in the veterinary industry and began working in the field as a veterinary assistant over 15 years ago. From exotics to horses, her experience has been thorough and varied. Her strong technical skills, attention to detail and experience have made Sonia an invaluable member of our veterinary medical team. Sonia’s goal is to ensure we have a well-organized practice and a team we are proud of. She has a keen personal interest in health, fitness and nutrition which makes her a natural fit as one of RVC’s go to people for information regarding veterinary diets. Sonia is also our Health and Safety and technical team manager. She lives in Woodbridge with her young daughter, Sofie.

Renforth Veterinary Clinic Heather Monaghan

Heather Monoghan - Veterinary Technician

We were thrilled to welcome Heather (the first of our two Heathers) in to our RVC family in 2015. After her graduation from the Georgian College Veterinary Technician program in 2011, Heather began working in small animal practice and gained comprehensive experience working with all kinds of critters, exotics included. The experience piqued her interest in critical care and emergency medicine and she had the opportunity to further develop her expertise in these areas in her subsequent role as a technician in the ICU at the Veterinary Emergency and Referral clinic in Toronto. Heather’s clinical interests include dentistry and emergency medicine. Her unflappable disposition and technical expertise make her an indispensable part of our team (and an extra great tech to have around in emergencies!).

Heather says that from the moment she understood what it meant to have a job, she knew that her job had to include working with animals and we think she was absolutely right. It is always a pleasure to witness Heather’s intemerate enthusiasm for, and love of, creatures great and small. This love is clearly evidenced by the menagerie with which she shares her home. Among others, Heather loves and lives with three dogs (her Dutch Shepherd, Jasper, her German Shepherd, Quill, and Carl, a Chihuahua cross), four cats (Mowgli, Lawrence, Trunks and Gohan), two rats (Sam & Dean), one ball python (Appollo), one sand boa (Wade), one mountain horned dragon (Han Solo) and one bearded dragon, aptly named Dragon. Heather’s family story would be wholly in complete without the mention of her sweet Revon (also a Dutch Shepherd) who, sadly, passed in the summer of 2015. Heather always says Revon is best described as a bighearted goofball and I know that spirit, his spirit, will always be in Heather’s heart.


Renforth Veterinary Clinic Staff

Melinda DeMelo - Veterinary Assistant

Melinda is our newest team member, having joined our team in the spring of 2013. Her genuine love of all critters and her easy manner and sense of humour made her a natural fit at Renforth. You are as likely to find Mel at the front reception desk greeting our patients as they arrive as you are to find her in the treatment area assisting doctors and technicians. She comes to us with several years of experience working in a small animal clinic as a veterinary assistant. She lives in Etobicoke and shares home with her pug, Gizmo.

Julie Rumberg - Veterinary Technician (temporary photo)

Julie Rumberg

In the summer of 2014 we welcomed to Julie to the RVC team. Julie spent some time in the corporate arena when she initially ventured out in to the world of work but it left her with a pervasive feeling of wearing an ill-fitted sweater. When she began volunteering at the BCSPCA (and eventually began working there full time) she knew immediately that she was working in the filed she was meant for – this sweater felt like a custom fit. In fact, Julie took the courageous step of going back to school at the age of 40 to train as and become certified as an Animal Health Technician (the Ontario equivalent of an Registered Veterinary Technician).

Originally from BC, Julie made the move to Ontario for, as she says, the only reason a girl would leave BC for Ontario – to follow a boy. But boy, are we glad she did! Julie’s positivity, maturity and commitment are repeatedly evinced in work at the clinic. Her love for connecting with pet parents and putting a little light in to the day of every person she interacts with has made her a custom fit for heading up our client service and reception. When Julie is welcoming you in to the clinic you can expect a cheery greeting, a big fuss over your furred family members and likely a bit of her quirky humour.

Julie lives in Etobicoke with her Chihuahua, Carlos. A rescue-dog from Mexico, Julie lists Carlos as the love of her life. You might see Julie riding her bike in the neighbourhood, on her way to or from the clinic – Carlos in tow, sun, rain, sleet or snow. Rumour has it that Julie is responsible for the bike tire tracks that led up to the clinic after a blizzard last winter. Julie’s favourite ways to spend her leisure time include cooking and consignment shopping.


Heather McDowell - Veterinary Technician

Heather McDowell - Veterinary Technician

We welcomed Heather (the second of our two Heathers) in to our Renforth family in April of 2015. Veterinary technology is actually something of a second career for Heather; her first postsecondary educational endeavour was the Police Foundations Program at Humber College but realized before long that police work was not truly her soul’s calling. While law enforcement may have lost a great cop, veterinary medicine gained a fantastic technician. Heather has had her heart and hands in the veterinary field in some capacity from the time she was a young teenager and began training in the role of veterinary technician in 2004. She is currently completing an associate’s degree of Veterinary Technology through the Cedar Valley College in Austin Texas.

Heather’s special clinical interests include dentistry, animal nutrition and client education. She has participated in every available continuing education course by one of Canada’s most respected veterinary dental specialists and is currently pursuing a technical specialization in animal nutrition.

Heather shares her home with her two beautiful little girls, Maeve and Maren and five charming cats (Bowie, Caoimhe, Marley, Pixie and Pearl). She has an especially soft spot for black cats - Caoimhe, the calico, is their only “not black” cat. Her family couldn’t have been more excited to welcome Titan, their Doberman puppy, to their clan in December of 2015.

Though I find it very hard to imagine how she does it all, Heather manages to find time to enjoy horseback riding, snowboarding, fishing and spending time with much loved family.


Danya Terp - Clinic Administrator and Veterinary Technician

After studying Science (with a business minor) at the University of Waterloo, Danya received her associate diploma in Veterinary Technology at the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown College. After graduation Danya gained experience in small animal practice in Toronto, including working at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre South in downtown Toronto. In 2001 she moved to Thailand for 4 months to volunteer at a charity run veterinary clinic on Koh Pangang.  Currently, she enjoys a mix of managerial and technical duties and is our website administrator and content author. Most of all, she loves to spend time getting to know clients and their pets.  Danya loves to play and coach ringette, plays hockey and is the lead singer of the band Hot Pockets. She also dabbles in painting and mixed media art.  The furred loves of her life are her Golden Retriever, Caddy and her cat, Simon.

Jennifer Abbott

Jennifer joined the RVC family in 2004 and it’s hard to conceive of ‘us’, without her. She lives in Coburg with her twin sister (also a veterinary technician) and together they have fostered and saved sundry creatures over the years from kittens and cockatoos to abandoned dogs and squirrels!

Jennifer graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Northern College in 2003. In addition to her exceptional technical and nursing skills, Jen has an undeniable connection with our furry friends. Her natural intuition and calm disposition benefit all of our patients and their parents. Her clinical interests include nursing care, behaviour and cytology. Jennifer’s constant companion is her shihtzu, Watson. Watson presented at RVC with an acute onset of hind-end paralysis. Considering the care involved based on his diagnosis, his original owners felt they were unable to care for him. Jen gladly stepped in. That was seven years ago; he’s been hers ever since. When she’s not tending to creatures great and small, Jen enjoys snowboarding, horseback riding and yoga.


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