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Feb 21st 2014

This website overhaul has been a long time coming, far too long no doubt. When I started this project I had no background in web design and my background in IT was only perhaps slightly better than passable. I started out with a passion for this clinic, a place I love with all my heart, and a desire to show our community just why that it is. It has been such an incredible and poignant experience for me. I now know more than I ever dreamed possible about the world of IT; I know anchors from hyperlinks and widgets from plug-ins (kind of). But more importantly I was forced to really specifically explore, and then try to articulate, what Renforth Veterinary Clinic means to me, and to all of us.

What I discovered is that to me, Renforth Veterinary Clinic means family, it means compassion and passion. It represents home and it means love. Love for all its people and animals. Love of what we stand for. It is a tremendous blessing to engage in work that you love and to work within a company whose values and principles you believe in. Ultimately, compassion is the reason we’re here - for pets and for their people. At the end of every day, if we can say that everything we’ve done that day is in line with this philosophy, then we can continue to love what we do.

Good veterinary medicine can’t be all about science. When we start to get tunnel vision about the work we do, considering only the next diagnostic step….we can miss an awful lot. We might stop seeing clients as people. We might stop seeing patients as beloved pets – with the same neural pathways for physical sensation and emotional experience as human beings. Compassion means always asking ourselves how patients and owners are feeling and considering these feelings even when or if they are at odds with our own beliefs.

This website is intended to demonstrate how it feels to be a part of the Renforth family. To give you an idea of how it feels to step through our doors. You won’t find any stock photos on our website – all of these beautiful images are of our staff, our pets, our patients and our clients. Special thanks to Lisa Vigliotta of Lisa Vigliotta Photography for her amazing photographs. I think you will agree she perfectly captured the beauty in our every day.

We invite you to peruse these pages and send us your comments. We encourage existing and potential clients to stop in just to say hi any time, there are always smiles and cookies waiting!

-Danya Terp