Weight Loss Success Stories

We are so immensely proud of our weight loss success stories, we wanted to show them off! If you are looking for motivation for your pet’s weight loss (or maybe just hope!) we think you’ll find it here.

Weight loss is hard, period. Sometimes, it seems especially so for our furred friends. But it is possible. We are so immensely proud of our weight loss success stories, we wanted to show them off!   We have seen dramatic results in many of our patients, but every success is a success to celebrate. It’s great to know we’re keeping our pets healthier, happier and just feeling better. We hope they will inspire you (and maybe your pet too!) and give you hope if you’ve been struggling with this issue for your pet.

If your pet has a weight loss success story you would like to share, we would love to hear it. Email your pet's weight loss photos and story to: photos@renforthvet.com

Rosie's Story

Rosie at 9lbs

Rosie at 6lbs

Rosie’s success demonstrates just how important it is to think of our pets’ weight loss in terms of percentage of body weight and not absolute numbers. For most of us, saying that Rosie lost 3 lbs. doesn’t even come close to conveying just how radical a transformation we see. Rosie lost 33% of her body weight; for a 150 lbs. person, that would be like losing 50 lbs.! Hear what Rosie’s owners have to say about their journey.

“Rosie was extremely overweight and it was affecting her quality of life. One of the veterinarians at Renforth Veterinary Clinic explained all the ways that the extra
weight would continue to compromise Rosie’s health and suggested a concentrated weight loss regime. The doctor suggested changing Rosie’s food to Purina’s
Overweight Management (OM) and determined the amount of food she should be fed daily.

We used a pre-measured cup and split her daily intake of food into two servings; once in the morning and once in the evening. Further, she was not given any human
food, just one 'Greenie' a day. The process was not hard for Rosie or us, but we had to be disciplined and not give in to her constant badgering for food.

We noticed it took about 3 months until we noticed a physical difference in her. She was slimming down and was becoming more active around the house. Before,
she had a difficult time climbing up the stairs without stopping. However, now she can run up the stairs and my children have a hard time keeping up to her.

We are so proud of her accomplishments and her activity level. The Purina OM has given her a complete makeover and a new release into happiness. She has reached
the optimum weight for a healthy Chihuahua and the pictures prove it.

Thanks Renforth Veterinary Clinic for your compassion and recommendation of Purina OM.”

-The Hunt Family and Rosie