No smoke and mirrors

We all wish that cost didn’t matter. But we know the truth of the matter is that for most people, it does. We understand that not everyone has unlimited resources to commit to their pet’s care; that shouldn’t preclude them from being able to provide quality care for their beloved companions.

We’re not going to lie. You will most certainly find local vet clinics offering cheaper veterinary services. We aren’t here to be the cheapest practice in town. Our commitment to our clients is to provide uncompromised veterinary care from highly and relevantly trained professionals that is relatively affordable. Our goal is to make excellent, modern veterinary care with great customer service accessible for pet owners.

Transparency is crucial for a healthy doctor-client relationship. To that end, you will find prices for a number of routine procedures listed below. Although there may be instances when unanticipated issues are identified that will cause costs to potentially fall outside of these ranges, you won’t find intentionally obscured costs. Please call the clinic at 416-622-2003 for more information about procedure estimates.

Renforth Veterinary Clinic Pricing (listed prices are subject to 13% HST)

Physical Exam and Consultation*                           $57

Annual Examination with vaccinations*                  $72-$102

(Your veterinarian will review your pet’s specific needs based on vaccine and health history and risk exposure to determine which vaccines (if any) are appropriate for your pet at the time of the check up)

*All examinations include a complimentary nail trim.


Routine Surgeries

Listed prices include anesthetic induction, endotracheal intubation, anesthetic maintenance on isoflourane gas, anesthetic monitoring (including blood pressure and pulse oximetry) , hospitalization and in clinic and go home post-operative pain management.  Patients must have been examined by a veterinarian at RVC prior to being booked for surgery.

Although pre-anesthetic blood work can be run on request for young, clinically healthy pets, we do not require it.



Feline Spay (Ovariohysterectomy)

Routine surgery for female cat before entering first heat cycle 
(at approximately 6 mos. of age)                $225

Feline Neuter

Routine surgery for male cats less than 3 years of age        $112



Canine Spay (Ovariohysterectomy)

Routine surgery for female dogs up to 35 lbs (before entering first heat cycle)       $269

Routine surgery for female dogs weighing over 35 lbs (before entering first heat cycle)    $304

Canine Neuter

Routine surgery for male dogs up to 35 lbs (up to one year of age)            $225

Routine surgery for male dogs over 35 lbs (up to one year of age)             $249



Heartworm Test (includes blood collection)      $31

Urinalysis (includes collection/handling)             $49

Xrays 2 views (Including set up, processing and interpretation)        $124

Canine Nail Trim         $13.27

Feline Nail Trim           $10.62