Where We've Been

Renforth Veterinary Clinic Opens

Renforth Veterinary Clinic was founded in April of 1972 by Dr. Wolf Lixfeld. RVC has always been, and remains, a family owned and operated business. Dr. Lixfeld and his wife, Patty, comprised the majority of the initial staff.  Patty was still a key part of Renforth’s staff when the Lixfelds retired in 2005. Today, the Terps are carrying on the Renforth tradition; Dr. Terp’s wife, Danya, enjoys a combination of managerial and technical duties.

Dr. Lixfeld Retires

RVC’s present owner, Dr. Peter Terp, was hired as an associate veterinarian at Renforth in 2002. After working alongside Dr. Lixfeld for 3 years, Dr. Terp purchased the practice when Dr. Lixfeld retired in 2005. Dr. Terp remains committed to carrying on the compassionate care practice philosophy instituted by Dr. Lixfeld, while implementing relevant current medical technologies.

Renforth Moves

The clinic was initially located at 735 Renforth Drive. Following its opening in 1972, the clinic flourished and was renovated several times to accommodate the demands of the growing practice. The plaza was sold in the fall of 2012 with the intention to develop the property residentially. As such we found ourselves searching for a new home. We were fortunate to work with a talented architect who specializes in veterinary clinic design. We are very proud of our new facility and welcome you to drop in anytime. Coincidentally, the move to our new location (666 Burnhamthorpe Rd) happened exactly 41 years, to the weekend, after RVC opened for the first time.