Dr. Peter Terp, DVM

Dr. Peter Terp, DVM


Really connecting with pets and their owners and building mutual trust is one of my priorities as a veterinarian and is something I really enjoy. Offering excellent veterinary medicine and compassionate care at affordable prices is the foundation of this practice.Dr. Peter Terp

Dr. Terp grew up in North York and his parents still reside in his childhood home. Of Danish descent, he is a fluent Danish speaker. Dr. Terp knew from an early age he wanted to become a veterinarian. He says he always felt a connection with animals. In fact, as a child he rode his bike to the library every week and took out “the maximum number of books possible” and eventually read every animal related book in his local library.

After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Terp travelled east to the Maritimes and worked with pets and race horses before returning to Toronto 2 years later. Over the following years he worked in over 30 small animal practices as an associate veterinarian and as a locum, further developing his medical and surgical skills. Although Dr. Terp enjoys interacting with his clients and patients, his favourite part of practicing veterinary medicine is surgery – it’s easy to love doing the things you excel at!

Dr. Terp was hired as an associate veterinarian at Renforth in 2002. Dr. Lixfeld, RVC’s founder, and Dr. Terp worked together for 3 years before Dr. Lixfeld sold the practice to Dr. Terp and retired in 2005. Dr. Terp and the team at RVC are committed to carrying on the compassionate care practice philosophy instituted by Dr. Lixfeld, while implementing relevant current medical technologies. Dr. Terp is an avid golfer, skier and angler; he says he can’t get enough of any of them.