Henry (August 2001 – January 15, 2015)

Henry (August 2001 – January 15, 2015)

Henry was my birthday present from my son Dave and husband David 13 ½ years ago. Henry was very shy; he would hide when a visitor would come to our home. He was my very own little boy. When I would sit in my favorite chair he would jump up on my lap and help me knit. He was so affectionate. Henry always gave me kisses and followed me around the house. He always greeted me at the door when I came home.

Henry was truly my companion and brought me much joy and love throughout the years. It was shocking to me that he had a tumor under his chin that was inoperable.

I held Henry in my arms and he was so sweet, purring to the end. Henry truly was my friend, companion, partner, and always there to listen. He will always live in my heart.

I love you, Henry, and miss you so much.