Looking for a New Veterinarian?

Your relationship with your veterinarian is one of the most important resources for keeping your pet healthy. In order for your pet to receive the best care possible requires trust and mutual understanding between doctor and client. Doing some research before you select a veterinarian will increase the chances that you and your pet’s experience at the vet is positive and that you will develop a great relationship with your new clinic.

Find a New Veterinarian Before You Need One

Dealing with an emergency with your pet is a stressful situation. Not having a trusting relationship with your vet can make this experience even more distressing. In order to provide the best care for your pet it is vital that the doctor have access to your pet’s medical history. In many cases it is not possible to have records forwarded from another clinic on a moment’s notice. In an emergency, time is a critical factor.

Make sure you connect on philosophy

Make sure that your principles, philosophies about medical care and overall ethics with respect to pet care match your veterinarian’s. When faced with difficult decisions, having like-minded philosophies with your vet can make all the difference in the world. Other virtues you should look for in your vet are sincerity, compassion, understanding and support. They will be crucial if you encounter a major problem

Inquire about the training, credentials and experience of the veterinarians on staff

Not all vets are created equal. Veterinary school curricula are not standardized world wide, with programs lasting from three to six years and some schools offer minimal training is small animal medicine. It is important to ensure that your veterinarian has received extensive training in small animal medicine and has experience with the species they are treating.

Look for a clinic with knowledgeable, friendly and helpful support staff

Veterinary support staff play an integral part in both the kind of care your furry friend receives and in your collective experience. When calling to make an appointment take into consideration the attitude and knowledge of the members of the clinic’s support staff. These are the people that will serve as your initial contact with the clinic both on the phone and in the clinic. Getting information and making an appointment should not be difficult or unpleasant.

Poll people in your circles for your reccomendation

Friends, family and other pet care professionals like groomers and boarding facilities can be a great resource of information.

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