Max (February 2005 – November 2015)

Maxie, as we all called him, will be dearly missed by his Grandparents, Baba, Nonna and Doma. He will be deeply missed by his two big brothers, Andrew and Michael and his Mommy and Daddy.
Maxie was a smart and friendly little dog. He could perform most dog tricks but what be truly loved was to play “Hide and go See” with his toys and chase after his nemesis, “The Chipmunk”.
His life was lived to the fullest. He was always the center of attention in our house. With good reason, he was so dedicated and loving. His best attribute were his ears; they were the shape of a Westie’s and the length of a poodle’s. We used call them satellite dishes.
Nothing will ever replace our special little Poop-a-loo’s. Maxie, we are truly missing you so very much. You will live in our hearts forever.