New Puppy Costs

Your veterinarian will assess your puppy’s health status, history and lifestyle to determine the best approach to preventive care specific to your puppy. The list below gives a general idea of anticipated costs for vaccines and parasite prevention. Your veterinarian will discuss any additional tests, vaccines or treatments may be recommended or required during your appointment.

All listed prices are subject to 13% HST.

Anticipated Costs

Initial Puppy Check Up and Vaccines$130

Second Puppy Check Up and Vaccines$130

Final Puppy Check Up and Vaccines$161

Intestinal Parasite Testing$93

Preventive Deworming$25-55

Monthly Heartworm Prevention* $15

Monthly Flea and Tick Prevention* $22

Microchip (Including Implantation and Registration) $87



Puppies less than 35 lbs$463

Puppies greater than 35 lbs$517


Puppies less than 35 lbs$397

Puppies greater than 35 lbs$432


Each puppy check up includes the exam and consultation with the veterinarian, the vaccine(s) and administation. The prices listed apply to healthy puppies for core vaccines only. As noted, your veterinarian will discuss your puppy’s individual needs and risk factors and may recommend that your puppy be vaccinated against additional diseases. There is a moderate increase in cost for additional vaccine components.


The listed costs for parasite prevention are *approximates. Prices will vary depending on your puppy’s weight and on the recommended medication.


The prices listed for Surgical Procedures include the following:

  • Pre-surgical assessment
  • Day Hospitalization
  • General Anaesthetic and Anesthetic Monitoring of vital signs (including blood oxygen levels, heart rate, ECG, breathing patterns and body temperature)
  • Surgical Procedure (including sterile surgical pack and materials)
  • Pain Medication (both go home medications and during the procedure)
  • Suture Removal (10 to 14 days following the procedure)

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work
Although, it is very common for veterinary clinics to recommend or even insist on running pre-anesthetic blood work for spays and neuters, the doctors at the Renforth Veterinary Clinic do not routinely recommend it for our young, healthy patients.

Check out our blog to find out why

Spay Prices: The listed costs apply to healthy female puppies with normal anatomy provided the surgery is done before her first heat cycle. If there are any anticipated additional costs, these will be discussed during your appointment.

Neuter Prices: The listed costs apply to healthy male puppies with normal anatomy. If there are any anticipated additional costs, these will be discussed during your appointment.