Credible On-line Veterinary Health Resources

The Internet provides today’s pet owner copious amounts of information regarding their pet’s health. Unfortunately, there is plenty of misinformation that can be dangerous to our beloved pets and it can be difficult to separate the good information from the bad. Most veterinarians can recount personal experiences in which false internet-based medical recommendations have resulted in significant harm or death to one of their patients. A scary thought, given that it is estimated that more than 75 percent of pet owners use the Internet to access pet health information before they contact their veterinarian.

So where can owners find accurate and reliable information?

Your best source of information is always your veterinarian, who is familiar with your pet’s unique health needs and has the training and knowledge to provide you with accurate information. However, the doctors at Renforth Veterinary Clinic always encourage owners to further their understanding about conditions and preventive measures that are relevant to their pet’s health.

The websites listed below are recommended by the doctors at the Renforth Vet Clinic as trust worthy sources of information.   However, if you are searching for information about your pet’s health further afield, click here for some tips on how to help find reliable information.


Common Pet Health Issues and Preventive Care


The Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses offers information relating to zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted from animals to people), including aspects of human and pet health, infection prevention and control, and vaccination. It is located at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada.