Casper (2008 to 2018)

Casper Duke (2008 to 2018)

Our Casper

Our funny, clumsy, obnoxious, talkative, lovable, warm hearted cat was suddenly laid to rest on Feb. 3, 2018 after suffering from heart failure.

This feral feline showed up in our backyard in April 2010. Malnourished, scared and barely able to walk, we spent 3 weeks leaving food outside for him before he was able to trust us enough to sit with him while he ate. Shortly after, he came into our home and became a full family member.

Diagnosed with a heart murmur, Casper was still able to live a full, happy and spoiled life with his 3 feline and 2 canine brothers.

We will miss his quirky personality. Randomly flushing the toilet, wanting me to Q-Tip his ears every morning, walking side by side with Rudy & Ralffy on our dog walks, crying loudly when we wouldn’t let him come with us on our walks, knocking things off every surface he walked on, and using every piece of furniture as his personal scratching post.

He was a pretty cat.
He was a loving cat.
He was our clown cat.

He gave us his unconditional love and trust…
We gave him our everything.

We will miss you, silly Casper – but we will never forget you.

A special thank you to Dr. Pam White and the entire Renforth Vet Clinic team for your continued compassion, care and support.

Donna & Sharon, Rudy, Ralffy, Charlie, Oscar & Neko