Charlie Maher (March 17, 2017)

Charlie Maher (March 17, 2017)

Charlie was much more than just our cat. She went away for 3 years, but miraculously, came back. We thought we had lost her forever, but she found us again. Charlie was family.

She was basically toothless from her 3 year walkabout, but was the same cat as when she left. Definitely more careful about how far she strayed from home, rarely venturing much past the driveway. Her purring seemed endless, and she begged for food like a dog. If the begging didn’t work, she would paw you until she got your attention. You had no choice but to heed to her needs and whims. We often joked that she was more dog than cat.

In the summer, her favourite place was the perch on our front porch. In the winter, she loved her window bed. She loved watching the neighbourhood, and in turn, the neighborhood loved Charlie. Kids and adults alike would take the walk up our short walkway to say hi. Charlie loved this, I think it made her feel important. Which she was…at least to us.

There were funny pictures and funny Holiday outfits. She didn’t like it, but let us do it anyways. The pictures and videos, we will have forever.

This winter was hard on her. Nothing seemed to make things better, but Charlie still purred, ate and cuddled. In February, she struggled to open her mouth, likely another tumor.

Charlie was tired of trying Trying so hard to eat. Trying so hard to drink. Trying so hard to hide the pain from her family.

Ultimately, we wanted to fight for her. Fight as hard for her, as she fought to find her way back to us.

But it became clear it was time.

It was time to end her battle and let her have peace. Goodbye Charlie, we love you!.There will never be another cat like you, not ever!