April 2022

We are happy to report we are now able to invite one pet parent per doctor’s appointment in to the clinic. All technician appointments, sample collection appointments and food & medication pick ups will continue to be transacted curbside.

Business hours will continue

9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday [until further notice]. 

Saturdays from  9 am to 2 pm until (or unless) otherwise advised. 

We are doing our best to manage a balance between optimal outcomes for our patients and being socially responsible from a COVID-19 standpoint.  

  • All visits in to the clinic must be pre-arranged by phone.
  • In an effort to respect social distancing recommendations entrance in to the clinic will be limited TO ONE CLIENT PER PATIENT, on a COVID-19 pre-screened basis and for appointments with a veterinarian only.
  • Technician appointments, sample collection appointments will continue to be done on a curbside basis.
  • Food and Medication orders will also continue to be curbside.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your ongoing support, patience, understanding and cooperation through these uncertain times. 


 Our purchasing group is still experiencing an extremely high volume and has warned us that shipments of certain products will be delayed.  Supply chain issues persist and back ordered items are still quite common.

We strongly recommend that order ahead and well in advance of need for food and medication orders as supplies are limited.  This will help to increase the efficiency with which we can serve you and help to eliminate unnecessary visits to the clinic.

Please be healthy and safe, we will get through this diffiult time.  We thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation.


Your Renforth Veterinary Clinic Team

Ph: 416-622-2003