Midnight (2009 to March 16, 2020)

Midnight (2009 – March 16, 2020)

I was a lonely cat, having been brought into a home with noisy raucous children, with 2 dogs life was a constant challenge to stay out of the way. I used to run away for 3 to 4 days on end sleeping on the chairs on the patios, and eating what I could. Then one day I was out walking and I met a human person who was interesting, he patted me, stroked my fur and paid attention to me before he went on his way. I was sad that he had left me as no one had paid any attention to me in the past, but again later that week on another day I ran into him again, and so I made a point of trying to be in the area to run into him as often as possible. This went on for about a week or so until one day he picked me up and took me home where he and his human partner fed me and then let me go again, that was the start of a new life for me.

I realized that there were kind folks out there and decided to rehome myself and went to their home more often until one day they let me in and I stayed. They took me to the doctors to have me checked out to make sure I had no diseases etc, I was fine, but they found a chip that had been put in, but never activated. They had it activated with all my new information and I was now a member of their family, and so my story continues as a well fed, well cared for and loved cat. I had the run of the house, could sleep anywhere I wanted, and could always go out and prowl the neighborhood if I wanted to. When they went on holiday, they made sure someone came to stay to look after me, no kennels for this cat, I was in heaven, till 2020 when I suddenly started to lose weight and felt uncomfortable. It was hard for me to lie down on my side, I was hungry but could not eat, I had to crouch, many trips to the doctor, pills, laxatives, fluids they did not help, then I had what they call an ultra sound, funny thing that they pressed against my belly, it showed that I had aggressive stomach cancer. The doctor told my humans that they could prolong my life with pills and ointments etc but that the result would be the same, just prolonged. My female human was in distress, crying and stroking me, my male human was also distressed but said no they did not want me to suffer any more than I already had.

So here I am sitting over the Rainbow Bridge with their other previous pets, Winston the Dalmatian, and Bentley his predecessor, a grey cat, we are all friends here and we run and play together all the time waiting for the time to be reunited with our beloved humans again.

Midnight came into our lives in 2013, we were not sure how old he was, the vet thought about 4 years old so that is what we went with. He was a lovable cat from the start, making himself right at home, rubbing against our legs and purring all the time, he was such a singer !! sleeping on our legs at night he would sing away. He wrapped himself around our hearts, we are glad he is not in pain anymore, and enjoying himself with Winston and Bentley. He will be missed immensely and will always be in our hearts and in our memories.

Our heartfelt thanks to Dr Daicos and her staff at Renforth Vets, their dedication, love of what they do, and their empathy for their patients and pets goes a long way.

~ Stan and Sandra Pyne