Sassy (January 2000 – March 2016)

Sassy (January 2000 – March 2016)

Sassy came into my life just over 16 years ago. One summer evening, in the parking lot of a mid-sized apartment building, she took refuge under my car. I fell in love pretty fast. As we got to know her, Sassy was both a sweetheart and a taskmaster, quickly assuming her role as ‘Queen of the House.’

Sassy was an active and vocal member of the family and very protective of me through various suitors until my husband came along. We knew he had her approval when one day she stuck her entire head into his shoe. His scent remained a source of comfort for her from then on. Sassy grudgingly accepted her sweet-natured companion Buzzer over the two years they were together in our blended family. When he became ill and passed away unexpectedly in 2014, she mourned with us, pacing around the house, looking for him and sitting on his towel.

Sassy loved lounging in the sunshine, playing with rubber bands and sniffing the smell of strawberry containers. She loved licking olives and eating occasional treats of salmon. She demolished several feather play-toys over the years – her favourite pastime – and as a young cat, liked to gallop around the house like a little horse.

Many thanks to all of our friends at Renforth Veterinary Clinic – Sassy’s primary care clinic for most of her life – Dr. Terp, Dr. White, Julie, Danya, Jen and all the wonderful doctors and staff who cared for her through the years, including Dr. Lixfeld who was Sassy’s first vet. To say Sassy wasn’t a cooperative patient would be an understatement. But your collaborative, gentle and compassionate approach to pet healthcare and pet parent education was of great comfort to me and my husband during Sassy’s life, through her illness and in her final days.

We miss you every day, Sassy. You and Buzzie live on in our hearts and home. Until we meet again, my little love.

Love, your Mama Ayesha xo