Sue Jules

Sue Jules

Clinic Manager

The day we lost our dear Angus was such a tragic day for me and for my family. But watching Dr. Terp and our entire team tending to Angus, working together so efficiently, expertly and with so much love gave that heartbreaking day a silver lining – I have never felt more loved and supported. “Sue Jules

Manager just isn’t a big enough word to sum up our Sue. Sue is as much a part of the Renforth Veterinary Clinic as it is of her. A member of RVC founder Dr. Lixfeld’s primary team, her heart is fully invested in the practice – in us, the staff, in you, the clients and in our beloved patients. She manages us, she inspires us and gently shakes us awake if we need it. She helps to make sure that if any of us inadvertently stray from RVC’s long standing core values that we get right back on track.

Over the past few years management duties have kept her away from the front office more than she would like, but these days she has more opportunity to spend time there. Although it seems there isn’t a single aspect of the practice that she doesn’t have her eye on at any time, she loves to spend time in the front office – connecting with and welcoming our new clients and patients, and reconnecting with clients (and patients) of years past. We have always said that Sue is the glue that holds us together and we really don’t know what we would do without her.

She comforts us on our worst days, holds our hands through any chaos that might come our way and she’ll be there to hold yours if you ever need it.