Toby (April 1999 – September 2014)

Toby (April 1999 – September 2014)

October 30, 1999 I found Toby sitting in the parking lot behind the apartment building where I used to live. He was so cute, and we guessed his age at about 6 months. Toby was orange and white with gorgeous gold eyes with brown flecks. He had the softest fur.

Over the years Toby made us laugh and brought so much joy into our lives, especially mine. He gave the best head butts, especially after he ate, he’d love to rub up and wipe off the excess food from his mouth onto my clothes. He’d make these little smacking sounds when he did it.

Toby had an attitude with other cats, but loved dogs. Yes, it’s true. I had a miniature schnauzer for nearly 16 years. Toby grew up with the dog and loved her so much; when my dog died, Toby slept in her bed every day for a week. I could tell Toby was missing her and was mourning her death.

He also had a protective side which is funny, considering he was a cat. If someone came to the door he would sit up and growl softly. Toby loved being brushed, held, cuddled. He was a talker too – he had a very sweet high-pitched voice which made us laugh.

He traveled well in the car and loved going up north to the cottage. One time he ran away and we were looking for him for 11 hours. Thankfully he came back and we were so happy we cried.

When we bought our house, Toby fit right in. He ‘claimed’ the front window in the living room and spent hours sitting there, watching people and cars pass by. He loved treats, especially cat treats, chicken, ham and vanilla ice cream.

During the 15 years Toby was a part of my life, we spent hours together, sitting close, snuggling, me gently petting him while he purred. He followed me everywhere; he hardly took his eyes off me. I loved him completely as he did me.

Toby had thyroid cancer. Yesterday, September 30, 2014 Toby died. I held him in my arms, his head on my shoulder, I felt his last breath. It broke my heart making the decision, however Toby let me know in his own way, that he was tired of the fight. I could see it in his eyes. While we waited at the vet’s, Toby purred and continued giving me head butts. I was crying. It felt as if he was comforting me somehow.

Toby was a blessing in my life and he will live in my heart forever.

~ Linda